We fill your propane tank with 20lbs of propane! Do NOT get ripped off by exchanging your tank for an old refurbished one with only 15lbs of propane. 

We also sell and rent everything you need for your Backyard BBQ.

Firewood, Ice, Charcoal, BBQ Brushes, Spatulas, Tongs, Smoking Chips, Condiments, Rubs and so much more.

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We Make Grilling EASY

Thank you for visiting Island Park Propane, a family owned and operated business since 1981. We are located at 3976 Long Beach Road in Island Park, NY. We strive to make your outdoor living as enjoyable and relaxing as possible. 

30+ Years Expertise

Grilling is a lifestyle!!! Live it, Love it, Grill it!

Certified Workers

Certified and Licensed by               Nassau County 

    Office of Fire Marshal

Honest & Realiable

Honesty and Integrity is hard to find these days. We fill all cylinders on certified calibrated scales in front of our customers. 

Free Helpline

If you have any questions  please feel free to call us at (516) 431-1111 or send us a message via FaceBook. We will try and assist in anyway possible. 

Are you tired of grilling at your own party?

Take back your time by having us grill for you

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